Hey, I'm Caroline, a graphic designer based in the South of England. Day to day I work as a freelance consultant, specialising in social media, graphics and branding. I live with my boyfriend who is a photographer, and main source for images!

I've always loved design having studied Textile Design at university, however I felt my personal creativity had taken a back seat since moving into marketing. All changed last year when my boyfriend and I decided to quit our jobs, and head to America to hike the Continental Divide Trail - a 3,100 mile trail stretching from Mexico to Canada. This was a refreshing change from the day to day in London, and the head space gave my mind the clarity to think creatively again. I remember looking at the distant mountains in Montana, and thinking about how their silhouettes looked like layers of card in different shades. This was the start of my collaging obsession. 

Sights of America was my first collection inspired by the CDT, and represents themes fear and reflection. The process of collaging these memories really helped with the adjustment back into normal life.

Aside from my travels, I find inspiration in colour, texture and the West Sussex coastline where I am currently living.


The memories merged in my designs may be my own, however the final outcome is there for you to interpret as you please.


I hope you enjoy my hyper real world!

© 2020 Caroline Murray